Research Interest

Light-powered Ultralight Tensegrity Robot (paper)
Wrinkles Riding Waves in Soft Layered Materials (paper) Vascular LCE-based artificial muscle (paper)
Liquid crystal elastomer-based soft functional device (paper) Translucent soft robot (paper)
Crack growth during daughter cell separation (paper) Light-powered artificial muscle and swimming robot (paper)
New electromechanical instability modes in DE balloon (paper)
Liquid crystal elastomer with dynamic disulfide bonds (paper)       Indentation of a stretched elastomer (paper)
Fast solvent absorption of porous double network gel (paper)    Mechanics of cytoplasm (paper)
Cavitation-induced fracture in soft solid (paper)    Fatigue of stretchable elastomers (VHB) (paper)
Mechanochromic trilayer film (paper) Electrospun polymer nanofiber reinforced double network gel (paper)
Fracture in polydomain liquid crystal elastomer (paper)
Fluid-like surface layer in glassy nanotubes (paper) Creasing of an everted elastomer tube (paper)
Strain-engineering patterned liquid crystal elastomer sheets (paper) Light-induced vibration in a LCE beam (paper)
Electromechanical bifurcation of a dielectric elastomer balloon (paper) Voltage-induced wrinkling in an annulus Dielectric elastomer membrane(paper)
Wet adhesion between two soft layers (paper) Drying-induced cavitation in a constrained gel (paper)
Diffusion-induced wrinkling in a circular poroelastic plate (paper) Gravity induced crease-to-wrinkle transition in soft materials (paper)
Wrinkling patterns of a thin stiff film bonded on a soft substrate (paper) Creasing instability on the surface of a soft elastomer under compression (paper)